City San Luis Obispo in California

When visiting San Luis Obispo, the one shall visit several places worth mentioning, among those are:

Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa  was founded in 1772 to honor Saint Louis, the Bishop of Toulouse in France. The mission is named as "La Canada de Los Osos" by the Spanish missionaries arriving there. The beautiful, lush garden is located at the backyard of the Mission. The inside walls are painted with the decorative motifs. Those motifs were painted by Mater Dolorosa in the 17th century. There is a separate room inside the Mission dedicated solely to the heritage and culture of local Indian people.

Thursday Night Farmers Market  is another place the city is famous for. The market is considered the best one in the whole of California. Higuera Street gets closed for the automobile traffic during the days of the market and the locals, together with visitors of the city, may find a range of fresh products, handmade items and many more. The fair takes place every Thursday from 06:00 until 21:00, except the Thursdays when it is suddenly raining.

Pismo Beach  is a 23-mile-long coastal line the surrounds the city. The consistent waves there make it a favorite spot for surfers and sunbathers. The beach might be a perfect place for a summer vacation as it also has a nicely equipped infrastructure around, which includes restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars, clubs, stores, etc. The beach might also be an excellent place for kayaking, sailing, swimming and many more. The Monarch Butterfly Grove with its ‘Butterfly Trees' has several eucalyptus and pine trees around.

San Luis Obispo's Historic Downtown  is a historical center of the city with plenty of cafes, stores, bars, ice cream stands, etc. The most well-known attraction located in that corner of the town is Bubblegum Alley, a 70-foot alley covered in chewed colorful bubble gums.

Avila Beach  is a bit warmer beach rather than the nearby Pismo Beach, as it is surrounded with the surrounding hillsides shelter. The beach offers beautiful scenery for the public's attention, as well as beautiful white sands. That place might be perfect for sunbathing, swimming, surfing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, etc. There is also a surfing school located right at the beach. During spring, the beach hosts the Blues Festival, the Oyster Festival, where people might listen to live music, take some drinks, and enjoy the time near the sea.

Oceano Dunes  is the only Californian beach that allows riding on the off-highway vehicles. The place opens view for the unique coastal terrain, dunes, and sandy beaches. The location is perfect for horse riding, birdwatching, camping, and hiking.

San Luis Obispo Museum of Art  presents an outstanding collection of contemporary California artists. There are photographs, paintings, sculptures, and digital illustrations given in the museum. The museum also offers audio tours around its principal exponents.